T9L Qube

Our Portfolio Companies

  • Crownit

    Crownit India's leading customer loyalty startup

  • Docquity

    Docquity Continual Learning Network, just for doctors

  • SpotDraft

    SpotDraft SaaS startup for generating contracts and automating invoices and reminders

  • Healthtrip

    Healthtrip Inbound medical tourism

  • Nirog Street

    Nirog Street Creating an ecosystem for Ayurveda in India

  • HempStreet

    HempStreet Cannabis-based healthcare and research platform

  • Pumpumpum

    Pumpumpum A leasing solution simplifying car ownership powered by IoT.

  • UOLO

    UOLO A K-12 parent engagement platform to channelise parent involvement in their child's growth

  • Resumeble

    Resumeble Professional resume writing services

  • ZiffyHomes

    ZiffyHomes A co-living solution for the Indian millennial

  • UnoGrowth

    UnoGrowth Holistic solution for micro-retailers’ financial needs

  • ShipsKart

    ShipsKart B2B E-commerce platform for maritime procurement

  • TripSalam

    TripSalam AI-powered platform to make Muslim travel easy

  • WittyVows

    WittyVows A personalised wedding engagement and content platform for the Indian millennial bride

  • CoFynd

    CoFynd An aggregator of co-working & co-living spaces around you.

  • AirOrder

    AirOrder Ordering marketplace for the Australian F&B industry offering supply-chain optimisation.

  • GoHive

    GoHive Co-working solution that focuses beyond spaces

  • DiGhent

    DiGhent A members-only community of global Indians and ex-pats offering quality lifestyle F&B experiences to its discerning members

  • Collegey

    Collegey An Edutech venture that builds student-led and student-driven impact movements, careers and leadership

  • Gahoree

    Gahoree Leading farm-to-fork producer of high-quality indigenous meats from North-East India for global consumption

  • Centred

    Centred A curated travel wellness platform providing premium and inspiring experiences to the global traveler

  • Whiteboardin

    Whiteboardin IoT powered physical white boarding spaces

  • FastFox

    FastFox Marketplace for rented homes

  • Broex

    Broex Marketplace for rented homes

  • Rupee Power

    Rupee Power India’s most extensive marketplace for personal finance products

  • Pluss

    Pluss Hyper-local medicine delivery app

  • tZaro

    tZaro Long lasting, comfortable, classy products for Men

  • Fig

    Fig India’s first subscription based gourmet health food startup

  • Halaltrip

    Halaltrip Global leaders in Halal travel ecosystem

  • Crescent Rating

    Crescent Rating Global leaders in Halal travel ecosystem

  • Farmer Uncle

    Farmer Uncle Online farmer's market

  • BitGiving

    BitGiving India’s leading crowdfunding platform

  • Solwh

    Solwh Product Development

  • Faulad

    Faulad Cyber Security

  • Tinge of Green

    Tinge of Green Sustainability

  • Light of Asia

    Light of Asia Media